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Opening Your Business in the Time of COVID-19

The Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) knows that many metal building industry companies are looking for information about how best to get back to business and work in the age of COVID-19. MBMA’s legal counsel, Venable LLP, has created a series of videos that address key business and legal issues that companies should keep top of mind when considering a return to full operation. Read more.

Research Initiatives Add Value & Impact Costs & Codes

MBMA’s Technical Committee advances metal building systems design to ensure safe, resilient and code-compliant structures. Many of the recent projects we’ve completed enhance the resiliency of metal building systems when they are subjected to seismic and wind events. Read more.

Planning for Metal Building Prosperity Now and for the Future

Let's face it: our Industry has challenges to maintain and expand market share in a world where there are so many viable building options that are safe, efficient and affordable. But for every problem we encounter in business or in life, we have opportunities to develop smart solutions. Read more.

Who Will Change the Future: If Not You, Then Who?

A couple of months ago, I shared with you some of the findings from a user survey commissioned by the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) (see "Let's Change Some Architectural Paradigms Together," September issue). We received important feedback from nearly 1,000 participants. Read more.

Costco: Making the Most of Metal Building Technology and Construction

According to Ali Moayeri, Senior Vice President of Construction for Costco Wholesale Corporation (Costco), the technology used for fabricating and constructing metal buildings has improved so substantially over the past few decades that this multinational retail corporation now uses metal building systems to construct 90% of its new warehouse stores. Read more.

Let’s Change Some Architectural Paradigms Together

The metal building industry needs to grow. Your company is probably doing all it can to promote your products or services to help build your market share, and that translates to helping the industry grow. But there's more your company can do. Read more.