MBMA Celebrates 65 Years!

MBMA was founded in 1956 and serves manufacturers and suppliers in the metal building systems industry by undertaking extensive technical research, promoting educational initiatives, publishing industry manuals and guidebooks, administering safety awareness programs, assisting in the development of codes and standards…and so much more!

Watch a Wealth of Informational Metal Building Videos

Looking for a growing industry with great career opportunities? The metal building industry is on the cutting edge in low-rise construction. Metal buildings are all around you. They are office complexes, car dealerships, churches, schools, urgent care facilities, strip malls, stores, municipal centers, fire departments, sports arenas—and so much more. Watch a wealth of informational videos on our YouTube channel. Here are links to some of our favorites!

Colleges and Universities Offer Metal Building Systems Curriculum

MBMA began offering faculty fellowships in 2015 in cooperation with the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI). This groundbreaking educational initiative expedited the development of a model program that partners the metal building industry with undergraduate engineering and architectural faculty and students. The fellowships have assisted the selected faculty in developing senior design classes (often referred to as capstone courses) that focus on metal building projects.