Collaboration Solves Problems and Bolsters Our Industry

Date:December 01, 2018
Contact:Dave Koubek, Chairman of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association

Through these efforts, we've addressed a number of marketplace challenges, defined by our astute members. They bring their concerns to the greater group knowing that we can, as a unified industry, solve problems more effectively than any individual company can.

As a result, we have some very talented people-experts throughout the industry-working on MBMA committees and task groups to define, address and solve industry challenges. Whether it's fire protection, energy efficiency or structural stability, our committee members are the best resources to solve difficult problems because so many of them face such challenges day in and day out. And the great news is that the committee efforts and the research they per­form, yield valued results and translate into tools that architects, builders, engineers and many others can use-perhaps even you!

Your Energy Resource

Looking back over the last year, I can say with confidence that we've created plenty of industry value. Our focus on energy issues immediately comes to mind. The building sector represents more than 40 percent of national energy con­sumption, 54 percent of natural gas, and more than 70 percent of electricity. As a result, energy codes and standards along with voluntary programs continue to call for a reduction in the consumption of energy in buildings.

For our part, we introduced the updated "Energy Design Guide for Metal Building Systems, Second Edition" in 2017. Then in 2018, we released a free e-book titled, "Energy Code Compliance: A Guide for Metal Building Contractors." This complimentary publication helps builders and erectors understand the ever-changing and complex energy code and insulation require­ments for low-rise commercial buildings with a special focus on metal buildings. A copy can be downloaded for free by clicking on the "Free Energy Code Guide" icon on MBMA's home page at

Video Resources for You

Our committees also create great video resources available on You Tube. We promote the industry through short video segments posted that can be used by anyone to educate, inform and enlighten. Whether you're a builder speaking to a local Kiwanis meeting, a project manager needing to instruct your team or an engineering professor educating the next generation of building professionals, we have invested in a wide variety of resources to help spread the word about the faster-better-smarter solutions that metal buildings can provide.

MBMA Energy Products Collage

Looking ahead, we are embarking on a research program to better understand the markets that may or may not be investing in metal build­ing solutions. We commissioned a survey to take a wide and deep look at the decision-making process in the low-rise commercial construction industry and explore where the market share for metal building systems is headed.

MBMA is interested in learning about the factors influencing the decision-making processes of design professionals that lead them to choose one construction solution over another. We also want to find out if metal building systems are being considered for specific projects, if decision makers have previous experience with metal building systems, and what impressions decision makers have about metal building systems that lead them to their decisions. I believe our findings will prove groundbreaking and lead to knowledge that will potentially elevate the entire industry.

A Growing Arsenal of Industry Leaders I'd be remiss to not tell you about our great new associate members. Six more companies joined MBMA in 2018, bringing our associate member ranks to 74. Our new members are Premier Steel Doors and Frames, Monroe, La.; Hunter Panels, Portland, Maine; Agilex Business Solutions LLC, Port Washington, Wis.; Certain Teed Corp., Malvern, Pa.; Mid-State Bolt and Nut Co. Inc., Columbus, Ohio; and Wurth House of Threads, Phoenixville, Pa. Maybe your firm should consider joining too.

With MBMA members producing approxi­mately 28,000 new buildings each year, MBMA provides leadership, research and educational resources for anyone interested in metal building systems and their benefits. MBMA has three membership categories: building systems members, which is made up of firms that design and manufacture metal building systems; associate members, which is firms that provide goods and services to support the metal build­ing industry; and A/E members, which includes architecture and engineering firms and related service providers.

Dave Koubek is chairman of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association. More information about the association is available at

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