Educational & Technical Resources

Date:June 22, 2020
Contact:Tony Bouquot, General Manager

MBMA continues to lead the metal building systems industry and fulfill its mission by providing educational, research and technical resources. These include an increasing number of design guides and manuals that are invaluable for anyone who works with metal buildings anywhere in the world.

MBMA offers on-demand informational and educational videos, webinars, case studies, articles, fact sheets, e-books, reports and an array of free resources that can be found at Take time to learn why MBMA can be your go-to source for knowledge, research, education and growth. MBMA technical manuals are sold as print-on-demand or downloadable PDF files at ( Users who purchase manuals this way are regularly notified of updates and errata.

Metal building design and construction manuals available from Techstreet:
• 2018 Metal Building Systems Manual
• Metal Roofing Systems Design Manual - Second Edition
• Fire Resistance Design Guide for Metal Building Systems
• Energy Design Guide for Metal Building Systems - Second Edition
• Seismic Design Guide for Metal Building Systems
• Guide for Inspecting Metal Building Systems