MBMA Folio Shines Spotlight on Arbogast Performing Arts Center

Date:June 14, 2023
Contact:Tony Bouquot, General Manager

The Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) continues to grow its library of free, downloadable resources for architectural students and their professors with the publication of Arbogast Performing Arts Center. MBMA’s newest project case study provides an in-depth look at an award-winning multi-purpose venue in Troy, Ohio. It is the sixth publication in the Architectural Significance in Metal Buildings series, which is available at https://www.mbmaeducation.org/resources/.

“MBMA is pleased to be able to offer these resources to students and professors,” notes Tony Bouquot, MBMA general manager, “Metal building systems are one of the most popular low-rise commercial construction methods in use, and each title in this series provides a detailed study of their flexibility, ease-of-construction and great looks.”

“I use MBMA teaching videos, folios and research materials for my classes every semester,”

Says Greg Snyder, Associate Professor of Architecture and Undergraduate Program Director, School of Architecture, University of North Carolina-Charlotte.

The Arbogast Performing Arts Center folio was created by MBMA in coordination with MT Studio, Brentwood Builders, Inc. and Foundation Steel, LLC. It highlights the 39,000-square-foot multi-purpose arts center designed for family and student education, entertainment, community programming and business events.

The 20-page folio contains:

  • Insights and commentary from the architect, construction team and local officials, including advice to architecture students.
  • Special requirements for the project, such as the need to achieve superior sound quality in the theater as well as the challenges of building during the pandemic.
  • Photos, drawings and design graphics highlighting important aspects of the project.

MBMA’s previous publications in the Architectural Significance in Metal Buildings series spotlight the Alamo Beer Company in San Antonio; the Boston Sports Institute in Wellesley, Massachusetts; the Michelle and Barack Obama Sports Complex in Los Angeles, the Haulover Marine Center in North Miami Beach, Florida; and the Jacksonville University Basketball Performance Center in Jacksonville, Florida.