MBMA Publishes New Industry Practices Guidebook for Metal Buildings

Date:February 11, 2021
Contact:Tony Bouquot, General Manager

The Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) has published a new guidebook, Common Industry Practices. This free publication, available for download here, provides an overview of standard practices for architects, engineers, owners, builders and manufacturers involved in metal building design and construction.

“The metal building industry has developed a set of standard practices over time that have become traditional in the building process,” says Tony Bouquot, MBMA general manager. “It’s important for everyone who works with a metal building to understand what these practices are and determine what their role should be. MBMA’s new guide is a good place to start when someone is looking to purchase or construct a metal building.”

Common Industry Practices is also intended to serve as a general checklist to assist with preparing the necessary documents that govern the metal building design and construction process. The guidebook consists of the following nine sections:


Sale of a Metal Building System

Design of a Metal Building System

Materials and Fabrication

Delivery and Receipt

Erection and Other Field Work



Fabrication Tolerances

In addition to Common Industry Practices, MBMA’s website (www.mbma.com) has an array of other useful information about metal buildings and the metal building industry. There are many free resources available for download, and also additional manuals and publications for purchase at www.mbmamanual.com.

Download MBMA Common Industry Practices guidebook