MBMA Releases Revised Insurance Bulletins

Date:March 19, 2020
Contact:Tony Bouquot, General Manager

The Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) has released a revised set of 10 insurance bulletins. MBMA’s insurance bulletins provide building owners, designers and builders with important information on the different types of insurance companies and rating systems and how various hazards or conditions can impact insurance costs. These bulletins are available for free download at https://www.mbma.com/Insurance.html.

“Understanding insurance is a vital piece of the building design and construction process,” says Tony Bouquot, MBMA general manager. “The more you understand hazards, and the tools provided by insurers and associations to address those hazards, the more you can serve the greater needs of your clients. Part of being a trusted advisor is to not only design quality buildings, but to build in resiliency and opportunities to reduce client costs over time.”

MBMA’s series of insurance bulletins are relevant to those who seek to understand the impact of metal building design choices on the insurance premium an owner will be charged. The full series of MBMA insurance bulletins consists of the following:

  1. Property & Casualty Insurance Company Organizational Structures & Rating Practices
  2. Commercial Property Insurance Rating Methods
  3. The Impact of Location on Insurance Rates
  4. Public Protection Classifications
  5. Special Hazard Factors: Wind and Hail Considerations
  6. Special Hazard Factors: Earthquake Considerations
  7. The Effect of Occupancy on Insurance Rates
  8. The Effect of Building Contents on Insurance Rates
  9. The Impact of Wall Construction and Column Protection on Insurance Rates
  10. The Impact of Insulation and Interior Finishes on Fire Insurance Rates

In addition to the revised insurance bulletins, MBMA’s website (www.mbma.com) has an array of other useful information about metal buildings and the metal building industry. There are many free resources available for download, and also additional manuals and publications for purchase at www.mbmamanual.com.